April 2018 Components, Events, Timetable

Project April 2018


‘We all face the same problems, in different contexts.  We need to be harmonious in the global telling of the story’.

Itumeleng D Mothoagae, University of South Africa

  • THE GLOBAL MARCH Launch 4th April 2018: Fifty years after the murder of Dr King,  ‘Citizens Global March on Power with Economic Bill of Rights’ manifesto. Thereafter, marches  to be held 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024,2026, 2028.
  • THE ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS The Movement for Black Lives has done a huge amount of research and work for their policy demands for black power, freedom and justice. Like them we believe the Universal Basic Income should play a central role in reframing the relationship of the citizen to government – for the USA and we argue, every single government around the world. It was also the first demand of Dr King’s five demands in 1968.
  • WHERE WE ALL COME FROM the power of symbolic locations. All humanity is born of one female, East Africa, 200,000 years ago. This ‘bigger picture’ would flow through the creative elements of Project 2018.

Fifty years on, can citizens of the world pick up where he began ‘finish what Dr. King started?’


January 2017

Martin Luther King Day: Soft Launch the idea in USA and UK

Outreach: share proposal and planning with friends and colleagues across our networks in UK, USA, Europe, Africa

February 2017-Jan 2018

Countdown work to The Citizens Global March on Power & Economic Bill of Rights

MLK Day January 2018

April 2018

First wave of actions /marches take place with Economic Bill of Rights demands

April 2020

The Return March.  Every two years we march – same locations, same demands.



Between now and the key moments of 2017 and 2018 here are some ideas to share with your colleagues and networks

  • Awareness raising: Spread the word about why the time is now for King’s Economic Bill of Rights of 1968.
    • about the vision to internationalise and re-envision The Poor People’s Campaign of 1968 as the ‘citizens global march on power’ and to take place in many countries around the world between 2018 and 2028.
    • about King’s Economic Bill of Rights and its relevance to today with its calls for guaranteed income, state support for  those who cannot work, access to capital, access to land and a role in government.
    • about the universality of an updated Economic Bill of Rights for all citizens and the international solidarity that it expresses in the face of globalised corporate interests.
    • explore how 4 April 2018 intersects with your own work and how can 4 April 2018 add value to your work.
    • inspire, motivate and mobilise through church events and activity.
  • Practical ways to join us in this effort, dependant on your time and resources
    • Promote and /or take part (actually or virtually) in the soft launch on MLK Day 2017 or after
    • Promote and/or take part (actually or virtually) in activities on 4 April 2018  (see below)
    • Volunteer your time to get more involved with our project development; outreach; campaign planning, events, media work etc for 2018 and beyond?
    • Are there joint materials/actions we could produce that reflect the relevance of the Economic Bill of Rights of 1968 and 2018 with your own work?


A local, regional, national and international mobilisation & proclamation in memory of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, murdered 50 years ago.

  • Citizens March on Power* with the Economic Bill of Rights

The call is simple: ‘We want to finish what Dr King started’ and demand governments implement the Economic Bill of Rights  (details below).

  • Locations: Set off from churches, public spaces. Destinations:  local government or state; corporate HQs where pertinent to local/regional concerns  (eg finance, agribusiness, fossil fuels, media); national govt offices;  IMF, World Bank.

NB * and connecting marchers in different countries via live streaming