Tipping Point: A Co-operative

Working together

Tipping Point: A Co-operative

Tipping Point Film Fund is the trading name of Tipping Point North South Ltd – a non-profit co-operative registered with the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

Tipping Point Film Fund has been set up to raise funds via donations big and small from individuals, supporting groups, trusts and organisations who share our values and ethos. Tipping Point Film Fund can in turn fund social action feature documentaries and support related campaigns. You can choose to donate with or without becoming a member of the co-operative. Donations are totally separate from our co-op membership fee (£1). As a co-operative we are a social enterprise (a non-profit making business), set up to work in the film, creative and third sector with specific interest in global social issues. All shareholders are equal in holding one share only of £1.00, shares are non-redeemable and no dividend is given. Profits are returned back into the co-operative.

As Tipping Point Film Fund projects will inevitably address political issues, it was not appropriate to register for charitable status, making Tipping Point Film Fund donations not eligible for tax relief or gift aid.

Tipping Point Film Fund is governed by a committee.