Generosity to the Future: 12 for 2020 – and beyond

Generosity to the Future: 12 for 2020 – and beyond

A New Roadmap for Britain

12 leading artists/directors

12 critical issues

12X10 minute vision/essay films

Release in 2019/2020.

Short films released separately and as a 100m feature film

Generosity to the Future: 12 for 2020 – and beyond

Specifically, this project aims to build on the issues long kept off the mainstream news and political agenda but raised through the Corbyn / McDonnell leadership of the Labour Party and which comes as we plan to leave Europe.Oxfam UK Inequality

We share their belief that there is a deeper approach to very many issues that the general public need to know much more about in order to  better and more fully appreciate what the past 40 years policy-making has been about – the advancement of a set of neoliberal policies (or capitalism with gloves taken off as some describe it).

We want to raise this debate by using the profile of leading artists and directors to both help engage a wider public as well as the media. At the heart of these films will be a common thread –  the failure of the ‘neoliberal’ project that has served to enrich a small, global elite while creating ever greater inequality.

… neoliberalism is a busted system. It does not work; it threatens global stagnation; consent for it is eroded; it is generating acute geopolitical fragmentation and — at home-the fragmentation of two-party politics.

But Corbyn is the only mainstream politician who has openly rejected neoliberalism. For all IMF’s admission that neoliberalism is flawed; for all the frantic calls by mainstream thinkers like the FT’s Martin Wolf to “reform capitalism” — nobody close to power in Britain actually proposes to break with the economic model of the past 30 years except Corbyn and his shadow chancellor McDonnell.

They have been right on the futility and injustice of the welfare cap; right on the unachievability of Osborne’s fiscal targets; right on the need for massive infrastructure spending; right on the need for a German-style investment bank; right on the need to abandon austerity in the post-Brexit situation — and they will go on being right because Conservative economic policy is now in improvisation mode.

Paul Mason, July 2016

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We Are Many

We Are Many

Amir Amirani’s film We Are Many was in the research and making for more than nine years. Addressing the illegality of the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent undermining of democratic processes, it sets alongside the power of public protest and mass mobilisations of the anti-Iraq war movement – a movement that was to inspire the Egyptian uprising of 2011. A movement of more than 15 million people, in 800 cities, in 70 countries who marched to protest the imminent invasion of Iraq.

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