Links to short form and long documentaries that cover Attlee period as well as present day economics

The Improbable Mr Attlee  (BBC)

Churchill: When Britain Said No   (BBC)

The Spirit of ’45   (Ken Loach/Dogwoof)

The Emperor’s New Clothes  (Russell Brand)

Boom Bust Boom   (Terry Jones- Monty Python)

Greece –    (Paul Mason – ex BBC and C4)

Inequality for All (Robert Reich ex USA  Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton)

Sicko (Michael Moore)

Where to Invade Next (Michael Moore)

Reading list

Clem Attlee by Francis Beckett

As It happened by Clement Attlee

Attlee by Kenneth Harris

The Attlee Governments 1945-1951 by Kevin Jefferys

Attlee’s Labour Governments, 1945-51 by Robert D. Pearce

The Road To 1945 by Paul Addison

Attlee: A Life in Politics by Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds

Citizen Clem by John Bew