Generosity to the Future: 12 for 2020

Labour on Film: fresh energy and revived confidence in a New Roadmap for Britain

12 leading artists/directors

12 critical issues

12X10 minute vision/essay films

Released for 2019 – short films released separately and as a 100m feature film

This project aims to produce a well-made popular communications ‘tool’ ahead of the 2020 UK General Election.

It is non-commercial with – as far as is possible – fees being waived. The films are conceived as a public education tool designed to lift the level of political understanding through high quality ‘essay’ or ‘vision’ films concerned with many of the critical issues facing ordinary British people today – rising poverty; Dickensian levels of inequality; the utter failure of housing policy; crisis across the NHS. Then there are other critical issues such as Britain’s role in the world and its disastrous foreign policy; runaway climate change and the green economy and green jobs (or lack of).

It aims to further deepen understanding about the Corbyn team approach to the many issues the general public need to know much more about , while, at the same time, use the profile of leading artists and directors to both help engage a wider public as well as the media.

It is, in part, inspired by the JC for PM tour.

The audience

  1. Labour supporters, students, campaign groups, Momentum groups
  2. The wider public

It is a project unashamedly pro-Corbyn.

However, if for some reason Corbyn is not leading Labour into the next election, it will remain a significant communication tool for the public – and Labour – going into the election as it builds on Corbyn’s achievement already of getting issues hitherto off the media agenda, onto it.

Those new Labour Party members – many of them returning after the Blair years and many of them young, first time joiners of a political party – deserve not to see the new Labour discourse disappear as fast it came, should the party remove Corbyn and re-elect a party leader of a less left-wing position.

The new energy that the party has seen reflects a wider public desire to see a return to people-centred policies with a vision that works for them, not the so-called 1%. This calls for a Labour Party that is not embarrassed by its history but proud of it: on the NHS, housing, welfare state, education and its partnership with and defence of trade unionism.

As a society, we are moving backwards at rapid speed. We should be moving forwards, building on the legacy of post war social justice – but that has been very effectively dismantled since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

This film project wants to enlist some of the best directors, artists and thinkers to lay before us all the arguments about why we cannot settle for more of this corrosive neoliberal experiment – one we have lived under for the best part of 40 years. And the UK is not alone in this experiment. Bernie Sanders has become a lightning rod for the many millions of Americans who see him as the first political figure to speak truth to power on this issue.

We need to move the British public with a different vision – one that debunks the myth of the benefits of self interest; one that shows how great a government can be when citizens elect leaders who are on the same page and who share values and a belief that we are truly all in this society – this life – together.

Directors x 12

A shortlist of directors is currently being approached and it covers both new and established names from fiction, documentary, journalism and the arts.


A very wide range of well known public figures drawn from a number of disciplines are being approached to take part in one or more of the short films – each having an interest in a particular issue


The project draws on the work of many writers, academics and journalists who will be invited to lend their support to the films

The 12 Issues

1. ECONOMY Where do We Go From Here? The battle between the greedy and the rest of us. Welfare for bankers and austerity for us. Tax evasion; food banks, part -time to zero hours. Why we need the right response for all, not the few. Fair tax for all. ‘Growth’ – at what cost?

2. PRIVATISATION: WE, US, OURS – No To Privatisation & Selfishness

From the NHS and Schools , from Council Housing to the Land Registry, everything is up for grabs. Price of everything, value of nothing.

3. HISTORY Where did all the good things come from?! Protest, resistance, movements. Trades Unions, Keir Hardie, Attlee Govt and Welfare State; Attlee – took on establishment and vested interests and laid the opportunity for all (health, educ, housing) that influenced and benefited generations after him.


The rise of the right and racist groups across Europe. Addressing fears with proper policies. The good news…where there are new ways catching fire: USA – Bernie, Greece, Spain and yes the UK. Our shared history of progressive protest and politics – leveller and chartists, suffragettes to Keir Hardie, Attlee etc

5. FARE WELL ON WELFARE Welfare. Why we need it, why it’s a mark of civilised society and Holland’s basic wage for all idea.

6. A HOME OF OUR OWN The rental generation; appalling rental conditions; how we get out of this housing scandal; who is building what for whom and who’s money is driving these new exclusive developments? Bedroom tax and no new council housing.

7. BRING OUR NHS BACK TO LIFE NHS reinstatement bill. Mental health. War on drugs. Research bias by big pharma – public funding dead, all private sector led.


What’s behind tests & Failing Schools – money, academisation and massive sell-off. Childcare, primary, secondary, university &. debt. What’s the point of school?

9. EUROPE & DEMOCRACY. EU -what’s good – standards, peace. What’s not – TTIP, corporate lobby. What we need to improve. Democracy: fewer registered voters in under 21s. The UK: Tory manifesto on NHS – voted in on lies. 2nd wave Thatcher sell off: NHS to land registry to school buildings. Who owns what?

10. FAITH IN GREEN – WE HAVE NO CHOICE. Energy, climate change. Growth model disaster. Overview of low investment in renewables, mitigation, flood defence investment , public transport Vs nuclear investment and fracking.

11. TIME TO BE A DIFFERENT KIND OF WORLD LEADER Foreign Policy & Security and Defence. Britain in the World: where we were once, where we are now and where we should (and should not) aim for.

12. PASS IT ON – the generosity to the future. The vision and how to deliver it. The beauty of legacy. The beauty of doing things that will benefit the next, unborn generation. What it means to be human. What it means to do stewardship


Spring/Summer 2017 Pre-production/ start first films; ongoing fundraising

Autumn 2017/ Summer 2018 Production

Summer 2018 /Spring 2019 Edit, post production: prepare outreach/on the road plans

Spring/Summer 2019 On the road, online, cinemas simultaneously

The Team

12 for 2020 is an initiative of Tipping Point Film Fund. It is co-executive produced by Deborah Burton and James Barratt. Deborah was an Executive Producer (for TPFF) on Leila Sansour’s OPEN BETHLEHEM and Amir Amirani’s WE ARE MANY. James Barrett is currently producing LONDON RECRUITS. It is the sensational story of the young men and women who undertook clandestine missions for the ANC during the bleakest years of the apartheid regime and us based on the book by Ken Keable. Lead Researcher is Ho-Chih Lin. Ho Chih was an associate producer on We Are Many.

James, Deborah and Ho Chih will work alongside a number of other producers in order to deliver the 10 short films.

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