From Pink to Prevention

Working with the Alliance for Cancer Prevention, Tipping Point North South is partnering on a programme of events designed to increase the level of debate and public awareness concerning one issue – breast cancer and its links to the wider environment.  Despite the overwhelming presence of the Pink Ribbon and all its (global) attendant activities, this aspect of the breast cancer debate still remains hidden from view.

As part of this programme of events it is working with the film ‘Pink Ribbons Inc‘ – a film which reveals the extent to which corporations have ‘hi-jacked’ the breast cancer debate in order to benefit commercially.

Environmental and occupational lnks to breast cancer are hardly discussed yet they are a  vitally important element of the wider picture if we are truly understand this disease – now at epidemic proportions where more and more women face a diagnosis of breast cancer. Far too many women lose their life to the disease and so we need to ask the question:  ‘are we doing the very best we can to ensure the debate addresses ALL possible causes of the disease?’.

The answer is no. The time has come for all the key players – cancer charities, industry, drugs companies and government –  to recognise the role of environmental factors in this complex disease.  This means doing something about it. In other words, ‘prevention’.


June 19th, 2013

Screening & Panel discussion

June 29th, 2013 

From Pink to Prevention Walk ~ Cancer Prevention – A Toxic Tour (Central London)

To find out more, go to the From Pink to Prevention campaign.