The challenge of integrating drugs reform policy into the development agenda

Current drug policy is having devastating consequences for poor people and is deeply damaging to the cause of development.  ​While​ the development sector, for the most part, has so far failed to address this​ issue, some groundbreaking work is underway to get it onto the development sector’s agenda.

Rethink the War on Drugs

Tipping Point Film Fund came to this issue through its development support of Australian film-maker Shane Ward and his film DRUG WAR.  Together with Shane,  ​TPFF​ was responsible for facilitating a round-table meeting between some of the UK’s leading drug policy reform experts and some key UK development agencies including Health Poverty Action,  now a leading  campaign voice on the issue.  TPNS remains committed to its role in promoting the effort to galvanise the development sector to join the global movement for drug policy reform – and to play its part in helping that movement build a broad-based and paradigm-shifting coalition for change, as it has previously done itself on issues like debt cancellation and trade reform.

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TPNS is a partner of Health Poverty Action with regard to their work on this issue.

Health Poverty Action runs programmes in thirteen developing countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, with an annual budget of £10 million, and 500 staff. HPA’s programmes are not simple service delivery, but rather work with both state and community authorities to strengthen capacity and improve policy and practice.  Alongside these in-country programmes HPA’s Policy and Campaigns department engages in policy work and advocates for change at UK and international levels.