Tipping Point Film Fund

Those at Tipping Point Film Fund (TPFF) have a passion for film & social justice in equal measure and our roots are deep in the social action campaigning world where, to understand the big issues affecting all of us, you need to dive deep into the structures that underpin them. We know film can help us to understand these big issues and we need your help to do this.


We want to create a fund supported by individuals joining us on a film’s journey – from development to production, distribution to campaigning… combining the energies of film-makers, film-goers and activists – and building a base of  forward looking, committed supporters backing great films and film-makers.

‘Crowd Funding’ is an idea that is taking hold as an alternative route for a film-maker seeking to raise funds for his or her film – it’s a way for them to reach out to their friends and networks, often over a long period of time, in the hope of raising enough money to get the film made.

We at Tipping Point Film Fund want to take this idea one step further – to generate a new and sustainable fund – drawn from support from the wider general public – for feature documentary development, production and campaigning and for a number of projects at any one time

As the links between campaigners and film-makers cross over more and more, we felt there was a need to expand the idea of ‘dedicated giving’  so that as well as the regular charitable causes we also recognize  the power of film to address ‘structural’ issues behind so many of the world’s big issues.  In other words, to get behind the story we think we know and to shed more light – and additionally, adding value to those campaigning on such issues.

So, here is Tipping Point Film Fund – a non-profit co-operative with the desire to create a new kind of public giving – dedicated giving to films for change. A fund that grows year on year with your support.

Whether you are a film-lover, an activist or campaigner, or both, this is the place where you can back film-makers who are passionate about their subjects and support a fund committed to backing strong, commercially viable films on groundbreaking social issue themes.

To know more or if you want to support, please go to Tipping Point Film Fund’s website.